ThinkRight meditation app gains over 1.5 million downloads

June 21 2020:, is a leading Indian meditation and mindfulness app developed by JetSynthesys, a new age digital entertainment and technology company services, aiming to touch the digital lives of billions of consumers in India and around the globe. takes users on a daily journey of self-transformation, through guided meditations, video affirmations, reminders through the day, and an emotional fitness tracker. The set of qualified masters and guides on the app,  include world renowned Sister Shivani, Tyagi Shurjo, Behzad Randeria, Vidisha Kaushal, Lucía Garcia Giurgi, etc., who believe in the Power of Thoughts, Daily Affirmations, and Creative Visualisations, all of which combined lead to positive changes in an individual’s life. Since its launch, has witnessed 1.5M+ downloads from across 43 countries of the world.
This World Yoga Day weekend, is hosting special complimentary virtual sessions for anybody who would be interested in guided meditation and sound healing meditation to either achieve peace of mind or transform their professional lives or to acquire better cognitive abilities, among other things. Each session is about 30-40 minutess long. Link to ThinkRight  android app here