Senseforth to provide AI chatbots to beef up CMS IT offerings

Bangalore, June 10 2020:  Leading System Integrator and Managed Services provider, CMS IT Services, has turned to    the Conversational AI Platform  to drive its business continuity  in a post-Covid-19 scenario.|
The combined offering will help enterprises provide faster and more reliable customer service, increase productivity and reduce cost rapidly. The digital agents will help enterprises to reduce people dependencies and will enable human-like conversations between organizations and people.
 Says Anuj Vaid, Executive Vice President, CMS IT Services:“CMS IT is delivering solutions to transform customer-experience by harnessing its rich domain expertise coupled with the power of AI to mimic human interactions while simultaneously providing sharp, precise and sophisticated solutions to unique challenges.”
 Adds Shridhar Marri CEO & Co-founder, Senseforth: “Conversational Chatbots have become an integral part of every company's business continuity plan. With our AI-powered self-help chatbots, enterprises can deliver a superior customer experience, without lifting and shifting their contact centres.”
 Adds Kunal Bhatt, Practice Head, Automation, CMS IT Services: “Conversational AI Platforms enhance automation capabilities and augment digital experience specifically with regards to customer engagement channel efficiency. CMS IT builds deep business expertise into BOTs to create contactless solution for a variety of business needs.”