AI powered source code marketplace launched

30th May 2020
AI powered source code marketplace launched

Indian software developers may benefit
May 30 2020:  Japan-based One Act Co., has launched PieceX, the world's first AI-powered source code marketplace with Dynamic Price Management.
PieceX enables you to reduce software development time by 95% with ready- to-use source code and reduce development by 90%.  Anyone can purchase and sell the source code that is really usable. You can use the obtained source code as it is or modify it and use it for your own or company's service, system, software development. AI pricing is beneficial to both buyer as well as seller. The buyer always gets the access to fair price and seller gets the best price of his product.
"We aim to reduce system development costs and dramatically accelerate development speed. It also makes it easier for IT beginners to provide their services to the world." says Yusuke Asano, CEO, One Act.
In current Software Development, there are many modules that requires skilled software engineers and in order to create a working software, there are processes such as hiring experienced software developers or outsourcing to software developers or even nurturing engineers through training. Also, there are limitations in terms of budget as well as timelines to deliver the project.
PieceX provides a platform that can be immediately used, and the knowledge, experience of experts, and advanced users can be utilized to achieve your software development rapidly.