MapMyIndia offers map tools to help organizations manage logistics during lockdown

New Delhi, May 9, 2020: Indian leader in digital maps and location-based technologies, MapmyIndia, has launched COVID-19 Tools & APIs including map APIs, location-based analytics and GIS (geographical information systems), navigation and route planning, location tracking, fleet and field workforce management to help organizations and businesses open up safely post lockdown.
MapmyIndia’s pan-India hyperlocal safety assessment, planning, operational and visualisation software/tools/APIs empower businesses to assess, visualise, analyse, plan, generate real-time location-based alerts and operate their pan India strategy and activities at a micro- and hyper-local level
MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs will enable organizations to ensure the safety of their employees, consumers, vendors and other stakeholders. Armed with comprehensive and updated information, they can make a realistic threat assessment and decide on the best modus operandi to open up their enterprise across locations: 

·       Which employees to allow back to work in office & factories or keep working from home
·       Which business locations, office branches, outlets etc. to open or keep close
·       How to give employees corona related proximity alerts and information as they travel for work
·       How to give employees real-time safe navigation avoiding micro-containment zones
MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools & APIs will help maximise business/economic activity and productivity while increasing safety of all stakeholders - office employees, field workers, delivery and driver staff, and of course, consumers and society at large - from the threat of corona virus spread. Organisations and developers can also integrate MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs into their internal employee and external consumer-facing web and mobile applications. This will ensure that the organisation’s entire employee and consumer base is aware of the relevant localised corona safety information and alerts. MapmyIndia is actively working with organisations across various sectors such as Automotive, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, E-commerce and many more to help them deploy these tools and APIs.