After Supreme Court decison, cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX sees sharp growth, welcomes

Mumbai, May 2, 2020: CoinDCX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and liquidity aggregator, announced that crypto payments pioneer will be listing its cryptocurrency CRO token on the CoinDCX exchange.
Indian traders trading on the exchange can buy or sell CRO token in exchange of BTC (Bitcoin) or Indian Rupee. Following the successful listing of the MCO token on CoinDCX earlier this month, the CRO listing marks Hong Kong-based’s official entrance into the Indian market
Says Sumit Gupta, CEO & Co-founder of CoinDCX said: “At a time when we are witnessing unprecedented growth in the use of cryptocurrencies in India, there is a need to provide users with an extensive range of crypto-based financial services that can ensure the faster, simpler, and uninterrupted flow of capital. We are thrilled that CRO is entering India, through our platform, which will help nearly 1.3 billion people in crypto trade CRO through INR.”
The Indian Supreme Court gave a clearance to cryptocurrency trade in India in March this year, the month when lockdown was also announced. CoinDCX, since getting clearance has witnessed a 47% volume growth in trading volume and 10x growth in signups. It has been witnessing a daily trade volume of US$ 10 to US$ 15 million. At a time when people have lost money in stock exchanges, it seems crypto trading platforms are rising as a new alternative of investments and trading.  The exchange is today deemed by many market participants as India’s most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange and top liquidity aggregator in the world. CoinDCX recently announced an investment of 1.3million with their initiative called “TryCrypto” to educate people on digital coins.