Tech startup Springworks launches WhatsApp tool for instant identity verification

28th February 2020
Tech startup Springworks launches WhatsApp tool for instant identity verification
Sample ID verification report from Springsworks

Bangalore, February 29 2020: Human Resources Tech startup Springworks, has launched a WhatsApp-based tool - SpringVerify on WhatsApp - for users to quickly and seamlessly verify someone’s identity in a couple of minutes.
While large corporations  run employee background checks, this is the first time  anyone whether in a business or household setting, will have access to a tool of this kind, right within WhatsApp, to verify who they are dealing with. This is also one of the earliest adaptations of WhatsApp to use it for Identity Verification and Crime Monitoring across the globe.
To verify someone’s identity on Whatsapp, users can just give a missed call at 080-47193400 to get started. They can also start a Whatsapp chat to verify identity through this link.
SpringVerify on WhatsApp integrates with the WhatsApp API and lets users share a picture of one of Pan Card/Driving License/Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card right inside WhatsApp. The tool then verifies whether the furnished ID card is present in the government records.Additionally, the user can share a picture or selfie of the ID holder and the tool will match that with the picture on the ID. A check will typically cost Rs  49. However, SpringVerify on WhatsApp has been made free-to-use for the first 1000 users of the tool.
SpringVerify on WhatsApp also has another unique capability to find whether the ID holder has a Court Record. The tool is able to match this with digitized court records only from courts of law across India.
Says Kartik Mandaville, CEO and Founder of Springworks: “Our mantra is - Trust, but Verify! Many people have access to your homes and apartments - think cooks, drivers, maids, nannies etc. The main reason we've built SpringVerify on WhatsApp is to help you solidify trust with your house helpers.”
Adds Anoop Suresh, VP-Business and Ops at Springworks: “Going forward we’ll also be launching a service that will do ‘Continuous Crime Monitoring’ and notify the user if a Court Record match is found for the ID being verified, as soon as it happens.