After Pune & Delhi, Urban Mobility Lab set up in Bangalore

Bangalore, February 15, 2020: Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Micelio are partnering with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Invest Karnataka Forum, and Department of Industries and Commerce (DIC) to host the Urban Mobility Lab in the city. 
This is a platform, which supports Indian cities to identify, develop, and implement mobility solutions that transform how people and goods move. Since 2017, when NITI Aayog launched the initiative, RMI an independent, apolitical, nonprofit think-and-do tank that transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure futurehas partnered with the Delhi Government and Pune Municipal Corporation to cohost the Lab in Delhi and Pune. Micelio, which is cofounded by Shreyas Shibulal, is at the helm of the EV revolution in India. It aims to be an enabler of innovation by creating a sustainable mobility ecosystem with a strong EV focus.
The Urban Mobility Lab will aim to further accelerate Bangalore's   transition to shared, clean, and citizen-centric mobility by serving as a forum for open discussion and a platform for action through facilitated multistake holder convenings and ongoing collaborative work.
To inaugurate the Lab, DULT, DIC, RMI, and Micelio are hosting a multi stakeholder workshop on February 19–20. At the workshop, over 120 participants from across the mobility ecosystem will work together to address system-level barriers and develop implementation plans for mobility solutions. The workshop is organized around six thematic areas—charging and battery swapping infrastructure, data-based solutions, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, first and last-mile connectivity, public transit, and urban final-mile delivery.
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The Urban Mobility Lab is designed to catalyze Bangalore’s transition to shared, clean, and citizen-centric mobility. After the inaugural workshop, RMI and Micelio, in coordination with system stakeholders, will continue to support the implementation of action plans generated at the workshop and also identify new opportunities that can help enable change. The lessons learned and successes realized can guide the scaling of mobility solutions in Bangalore and beyond.