Voice is way to go, for Indian consumers and business

08th February 2020
Voice is way to go, for Indian consumers and business

From Voice Assistance on entry level feature phones to Alexa and Google Home devices, three-fold growth forecast in 2020
Bangalore, February 8 2020:The speech and voice recognition market in India was  just a whisker short of Rs 150 crores at the beginning of 2020 -- and  galloping growth of  40.47% will take it to over Rs 210 crores  by year end,  finds a study released today by the market research division of  hybrid digital technology agency, WATConsult.
The report, titled ‘Voice Technology in India: Now and Future - Consumer and business perspective’, suggests that from voice-assistant-enabled basic  feature phones to connected devices like Alexa and Google Home, the ecosystem in this country  is taking an encouraging turn, and is poised to open up  more avenues for brands and businesses. 
Says Heeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult:  “Voice marketing has  changed the dynamics of the digital marketing landscape and is growing at a fast pace. "

The report reveals that:
- Users residing in Top Metros have been using the voice assistants for around more than a year. Sixty percent of these  users give voice commands on their smartphones. Users of the Google Assistant use it for results on their queries and  to check for navigation while travelling.  More users (49%) prefer a combo of speaking and typing, especially on phones compared to  38%  who  prefer to speak their queries aloud
- The two leading   smart assistants are Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant.  - Alexa  is perceived as a reliable assistant  for  managing smart home devices: with the Echo range of smart speakers. Google Assistant on the other hand is  seen to smart, intelligent and helpful in search queries, possibly because  the Google Search Engine is the most widely respected and used online.

But there are some concerns: 46% users feel that voice assistant on their devices are always recording and listening. They are conscious about their privacy and do not feel secure in terms of their data being used elsewhere. The report can be viewed on: www.watconsult.com/watinsights/voice
 Using the technology that it describes, the report can be download  by saying “Talk to Voice technology in India report” to your Google Assistant.  ( IndiaTechOnline)