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Sameer Shariff CEO signing up with Phil Smithers, Global Sales & Marketing Head, Royal College of Nursing (RCNi) to bring IPC Health to India
Now, a first-ever mobile learning platform for hospitals in India

Bangalore, January 30 2020: Online content and learning solutions leader  Impelsys Inc,  has brought an end-to-end mobile learning and upskilling solution for the healthcare sector --  iPC Health -- to India.
 The mobile-first platform brings a much-awaited solution to impart ‘on-the-go’ training and education for hospital staff and in turn deliver better outcomes and save lives.
iPC Health is a first-ever advanced and comprehensive learning interface that will offer certified ‘anytime anywhere’ education programs rendering upskilling, advanced learning and compliance training for healthcare professionals in India. The solution hosts multiple digitized courses curated by knowledge partners and noted domain experts from across the world such as RCNi, American Heart Association, Wolters Kluwer and many other leading medical education publishers.
Introducing iPC Health, CEO Impelsys Sameer Shariff said, “In India, skill development and access to quality healthcare clearly are the two areas of improvement. iPC Health is curated to bridge the skill gap and ensure standardization across the healthcare sector in the country. Our aim is to enhance learning and professional expertise of healthcare personnel and help hospitals manage their greatest assets-their people effectively. This will in turn create an impact by improving the quality standards of healthcare services in the country”.
Apart from education, iPC Health will offer induction, compliance, emergency medical services as well as soft skill training modules. The platform will enable hospitals to manage their learning and development more effectively through a comprehensive learning management system including content management tools, reporting dashboards and assessment modules. Healthcare organizations can leverage the learning platform to educate, analyse the progress and to enhance employee specific career goals.
The platform is now ready for organizations including corporate hospitals, speciality hospitals, small- scale independent hospitals, nursing homes, clinics etc. aiming to improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery.
Present at the unveil today were Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Ashwath Narayan CN, CEO Impelsys Sameer Shariff ,  Phil Smithers, Global Sales & Marketing Head, Royal College of Nursing (RCNi) amongst others from the healthcare industry.
A qualitative research ‘The State of Skills in the Indian Healthcare Industry’ undertaken by IQVIA highlighted current need gaps in the learning and development arena across the healthcare industry. The research undertaken across leading 20 hospitals in the country indicated that the work force is open to invest time in receiving on-the-job training but lacks an understanding of its impact. They do not have access to reliable content, effective trainers and are overwhelmed with their work load currently.
Said  Ashwath Narayan:“Today we have the best of the infrastructure, technology and clinical expertise a country could have. But standardizing ‘delivery of care’ is a huge challenge we face. We are grappling with a skill set that can deliver first aid, critical care in ambulances, operate world class equipment etc. The industry needs a systematic approach to train work force and hone their skills and a product like iPC Health can be instrumental in bridging this gap."