Pune languagetech player offers website translation for SMEs

January 5 2020: Pune based LanguageTech company, LinguaSol, has launched the Website Translator 1.0, a cost-efficient software solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to localize their websites and applications.
The Website Translator 1.0 addresses the need for a comprehensive translation partner for businesses through an intricately designed subscription-based language translation solution that is catered exclusively to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
For the past 10 years, LinguaSol has been providing localization and translation solutions for an installed base of more than 150 customers and more than one million satisfied users.
“The LinguaSol software is a unique solution that can localize the UI of any website or any enterprise software in any language without modifying the source code,” said Sunil Kulkarni, the business head of LinguaSol, at TiEcon
To reach your target audience, it is essential to have clear and concise content, which can result in the success of your online business. Due to the advent of globalization, the importance and need for localized websites have increased significantly.
For this very purpose, SME owners need to effectively and efficiently translate their entire website into other languages. But the translation process can be an immense task that could take anywhere between 6 months to a year. This is where Website Translator 1.0 can help.

The key features that SMEs stand to benefit include:·         
Ease and Security of Implementation– The Website Translator 1.0 does not require any additional resources, specialized hardware or extra space. Through a simple addition of a few lines of code, provided by LinguaSol, to the home page for the language section, an SME will be able to translate their website without any further effort. The source code and Content Management Systems will remain untouched which implies that the website will remain secure.
Cost-Effective – The Website Translator 1.0 is a powerful alternative to the usual dependencies on translation service providers with their lengthy processes and their exorbitant costs. This solution is a subscription-based model that comes with a one-time signup cost that will be followed by a monthly/annual subscription.
SEO Friendly – The translations done and provided by the Website Translator 1.0 will not only affect the text but will also affect images. This greatly improves website organic reach. It will also include other SEO tricks that will be very beneficial to the translated website.
Language Flexibility – Through leveraging language professionals, the translations provided by the Website Translator 1.0 are technically and culturally accurate. The translator has the capability of translating over 100 Indian and Foreign languages. SMEs even have the option of choosing a preferred language or a set of languages.
High-Quality Translations – The Website Translator 1.0 ensures high-quality translations by performing stringent manual quality checks.