Mindtree's East Bangalore Campus houses the new Immersive Aurora facility
Mindtree sets up special centre in Bangalore to develop immersive experience solutions

Bangalore, December 25, 2019: India-headquartered Global technology services company,  Mindtree, has established a new India-based centre of excellence, in Augmented, Artificial and Mixed Reality called Immersive Aurora. 
It will develop immersive technology and  Industry 4.0 solutions here in collaboration with global software company PTC.
Mindtree  has created   immersive experience -- a masala mix of AR, VR and MR --  for specific verticals like manufacturing,  automotive and retail  as well as education, travel and hospitality.
Investments in augmented, virtual and mixed reality are reshaping experiences across consumer interactions, sales and marketing, design, training, service and data visualization. Mindtree and PTC will explore opportunities for global clients to implement immersive technology experiences more broadly across their businesses through the combination of Mindtree’s Immersive Aurora and PTC’s Vuforia industrial augmented reality (AR) solution.
Says Mindtree CEO Debashis Chatterjee:“With its deep digital expertise, Mindtree has been at the forefront of helping enterprises deliver enhanced and contextual experiences to their end clients,” said “By launching Immersive Aurora Mindtree is well-positioned to help our clients rapidly unlock value from their technology investments just as the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds is accelerating.”
Added  Sreedhar Bhagavatheeswaran, Mindtree's Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Business: " The upcoming  5 G rollouts will  significantly enhance the immeresive experience  of customers." 
Gartner  has predicted that  some 100 million will shop in Augmented  Reality-enabled stores by 2020.  IDC forecasts that spending in AR-VR will continue to see good growth with a compounded annual growth rate opf nearly 70 percent, throgh 2020.