Legistify is a one stop legal shop

November 29 2019: Legistify is a leading  Indian  legal  technology  platform  with  a  mission  to  make legal services affordable, accessible and transparent for everyone.
The  company  offers  a marketplace of hand picked and pre vetted lawyers and finance experts from across the nation. Their expert network of more than 7000 professionals spans across 300+ cities. The company has so far helped some  70,000 individuals and corporates so far. Legistify users also get access to India’s first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) legal agreement drafting platform.
The platform acts as a legal concierge for individuals, SMEs and big corporate houses addressing their varied their legal and compliance needs. The solution is customized to each and every client. Right from finding the right lawyer, consulting them on crucial matters as  well  as  hiring  them, Legistify ensures absolute transparency, affordability via a hassle free  process.  The  platform  is sector or domain agnostic - the expertise/services on offer include civil and  criminal  litigation services for individuals and companies of any scale or size.
Some niche areas include property disputes, family matters, consumer litigation, money recovery & other business services. We believe that everyone has an equal right to access affordable and quick legal aid. Legistify has created an online platform for people who are stuck in legal complications to connect with top legal experts all over the country in an easy, fast and simple way.
Legistify not only facilitates legal services at fixed price quotes, it makes  litigation  and documentation a matter of just a few clicks. With India’s first DIY legal documentation platform, users can generate customised legal agreements on their own, saving them the expensive and cumbersome trips to a lawyer or a CA.
The user gets a dashboard to monitor, contribute and control the litigation  process.  Regular updates are shared with the user, via messaging and email. The payments are milestone bound. The payments – amounts and at the stages they fall due is clearly laid out to in advance
The Clientele includes leading enterprises like Oyo, Amazon, Snapdeal, Whirlpool, Indiamart, Panasonic, Havells, Max Insurance, JCB etc. Legistify Co-founders are serial entrepreneur Akshat Singhal, Mergers & Acquisitions expert Pratik Mahapatra and technology professional Sunny Gupta.