Left: Nirvana Being founder Jai Dhar Gupta .Right: Ventimax installed
Nirvana Being brings India's first filtered fresh air solution

New Delhi, October30 2019: Pioneer in solutions for protection against indoor and outdoor pollution Nirvana Being, has  launched Ventimax ,  India’s first filtered fresh air solution to combat health effects suffered from being indoors for extended periods, with poor, or no ventilation.
Split ACs and air purifiers solve problems of comfort and health/safety respectively. However, they create a serious problem of Carbon Dioxide accumulation. Since both require a sealed room to work effectively, there is no ventilation/ fresh air supply in the room to fight the mounting CO2 levels.
This is where Ventimax by Nirvana Being comes in: a pure ventilation solution that pulls in fresh, filtered air from outside your building, to replace existing air that cannot be recirculated.
The Ventimax comes pre-fitted with a HEPA filter that filters all PM2.5 particles out of the ambient air down to PM 0.3 microns. The filtered, fresh outdoor air replaces existing air that cannot be recirculated. As there is a constant inflow of air, the Ventimax creates a slight positive pressure in the room, preventing polluted air from entering it.

The Ventimax Lite NXZ-50/QS is priced  Rs 24,990.
The Ventimax Lite NXG-50/QS is priced  Rs 39,990.