The Great Indian TV festival is on!

Big brands and small, everyone is out to woo the millennial smart TV buyer|
By Vishnu Anand 
Seprtember 30 2019: Unlike other countries, urban India's TV buying decisions are seasonal affairs  and brands make a killing just a few weeks before Diwali. This year, we notice an interesting trend: many unusual suspects are jumping aboard the bandwagon, and differentiating their offerings across a huge price range. Here are a few unique and smart options you might consider this year:
Mi TV 4X: Saving your internet bill!
Xiaomi entered the TV market about a year back with the idea of extending its mobile ecosystem and providing value-for money TVs with a content-first philosophy. The rise of streaming content consumption accelerated the growth of Mi TVs and this year, the new Mi TV 4X range of TVs come with an in-built feature that saves data consumption for your TV viewing. The company claims to use three times lesser internet bandwidth, and comes with a data usage counter for each of the streaming apps you use. Additionally, you can cast your content wirelessly without an internet connection. The minimalist design  features a proprietary Vivid Picture Engine that enhances the depth of colours and contrast. In conjunction with Dolby Audio and Xiaomi's Patchwall UI, the new range of TVs starting at Rs 17,999 and going up to Rs 54,999 for  its 65 inch flagship  are aimed at a very wide spectrum of buyers.
Motorola: Game on!
Motorola has entered the Indian television  market this year and is the only brand to throw in a free  wireless gamepad. The new range of Android 9.0 TVs come with 30W front firing speakers, Dolby Vision and DTS sound. Powered by the Mali GPU, these 4K TVs come with an in-built memory configuration of 2.25 GB + 16 GB. For those familiar with the Moto brand, the company hopes to unlock a new segment of buyers with their affordable, no-compromise promise. The TVs are priced between Rs. 13,999 (32 inch HDR) to Rs. 64,999 (65 inch UHD).
Vu - Hotkey special!
Luxury TV brand Vu has been steadily growing its home TV market over the years. Its latest range of UltraAndroid TVs are a testament to the changing behaviour of TV consumption, from cable TV to streaming TV. In a first-of-its-kind move in the industry, these TVs come with remotes that have dedicated hot keys for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube and Google Play.

Breaking price barriers
There's never been a better time for budget-conscious Indians to make that jump into the world of smart TVs. A new breed of TVs is crashing price barriers and offering smart LED TVs for prices as low as Rs. 7999. Since, a one-year old made-in-India brand, Shinco  has released a 32 inches smart TV with its own Uniwall UI on top of Android 8.0. Interestingly , a German legacy brand of analogue radio sets, Telefunken has rentered the Indian market with 7 new models of full HD smart TVs starting from Rs. 7999 (32 inch), going up to Rs. 54,999.
A lot is happening in the Indian smart TV space. International brands are jostling for space with new, innovative companies that are challenging the pricing protocol. When global names  like Kodak  or Thomson decide to lunch smart TVs in association with  India-based  contract manufacturer Super Plastronics , we know how seriously brands are looking to customize TVs for India. It is the best time to be a TV buyer, with the sheer choice of offerings available for every possible budget.