This app helps patients take medicine on time

New Delhi, August 31 2019: A medtech start-up company Caredose has come up with a useful service addressing the critic issue of medicine non-adherence, helping patients to take their medicines in time.
The Caredose app sets up a complete medicine and dose management system, for anyone on regular medication and their caregivers or family members, just by uploading a picture of the doctor’s prescription. Thereafter, the app manages the users’ medicine intake with a focus on achieving 100% adherence to medication. Person using the services of Caredose can download app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.
Caredose is available  free for patients  and provides multi-dose packaging, adherence tracking, alerts and refills. It sources medicines from certified pharmacies including MAX, Apollo, 98.4, Meds 24x7 and provides an up to 20% discount on medicines.
Once a person, downloads the app and starts using the Caredose service, he/she automatically populates the app with all the information regarding prescription, doses, orders, etc. The process creates the required ecosystem to help them  their regular
Gauri Angrish is the CEO and founder of CAREDOSE. She is a Forbes Asia top 30 under 30 Honouree for Healthcare and Science 2018, a NASDAQ milestone maker. Another Co-founder and COO at CAREDOSE is  Kinshuk, who carries an entrepreneurial mindset and had worked on various new programmes at McKinsey. The third leader who supports this medtech start-up is Shrivatsa Somany, Co–Founder & CTO at CAREDOSE, who  brings  technological expertise in both hardware and software.   Link to Android app here