Major gaming industry conference coming to Hyderabad

Hyderabad, August 15, 2019:The  India Game Developers Conference (IGDC)  in its 11th edition is  set to begin on November 22  in HICC, Hyderabad. It will showcase the latest development of the game industry in Indian subcontinent, and debate the new trends and inventiveness in the functions and contents in the digital entertainment industry in India.
Rajesh Rao, Chairperson,IGDC and Founder & Former CEO of Dhruva Interactive: “The industry is maturing and we believe IGDC continues to be the must-attend conference to catch the latest trends, market intelligence, success stories, upskill with great talks and workshops, meet investors and of course everyone in the Indian gaming ecosystem will be there, presenting excellent networking opportunities." 
This year, IGDC is readying to host more than 3000 industry professionals, 200 industry expert speakers, 8 major tracks, 10 major events, 200 expo stalls, 25 publishers and 25 investors. IGDC will also host an exhibit for games companies across India including their popular IGDC Awards ceremony in 7 categories.
The congregation will build, consolidate and further game advancements, smart entertainment software and hardware animation, comic, internet e-Sports, new-age entertainment and other digital entertainment in India, and establish itself as a trend indicator for the gaming ecosystem and digital entertainment industry in India.
Among the big takeaways for the participants, this year will be Android, Augmented Reality, iOS, PC, Steam, Virtual Reality, and Windows gaming and development and new trends. 
Industry estimates, eSports and gaming expected to add revenues of $1 Billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR 22% according to a KPMG report. Over the past few years, the biggest trends were the rise of PUBG and DOTA ‘Craze’ across India, shoring heaps of downloads and proving money-spinning too. While the locally developed games picked up big numbers of daily active users. Designing and exporting games too holds a great promise with an estimated annual global market of $1.7 billion within a few years.