The new School of Financial Technology being set up by Polaris in Hyderabad
Polaris unveils new enterprise solution for banking biz

Indian financial technology leader Polaris Software has launched what it characterises as “the most comprehensive enterprise banking solution” -- Intellect Global Universal Banking (GUB) M180, engineered to provide 15 year in-built solution longevity, with concurrent and subsequent technology upgrades.
Arun Jain, Chairman & CEO, Polaris Software said, “We have seen about 4-5 generations of technologies that spawned banking products, each adding ‘fat’ to a system that is increasingly weighed down by inefficiency. It was about time to address the issue, and as a pioneer and thought leader in the financial technology domain, we created IntellectTM GUB M180 to set the Financial Technology agenda.”

Polaris’ investment in Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology, and its approach to each banking product as a business service, proved useful to translate into a fundamental shift in architectural thinking. The new structure provided a blue print for moving from a single monolithic structure to network architecture.

With over 70 lines of business, and well over 1,500 distinct products to be managed, complexity in banking is here to stay: Polaris seems to be saying. It won’t go away – but we’ll help you ease the pain. 

School of Financial Technology

Last week, Polaris announced the launch of first phase of The School of Financial Technology, with the acquisition of a 50-acre facility owned by Catalytic Software Ltd., (CSL) Hyderabad.The school will operate out of an iconic campus with dome-shaped buildings; a world class infrastructure to increase efficiency and responsiveness contributing to a truly inspired learning environment. The unique layout offers an open setting against a green backdrop, with beautifully maintained amenities and recreation facilities designed to support community learning. The dome shaped buildings are both cost and energy efficient. The key features of this eco-friendly and quake resistant domes (32-feet in diameter and 26- feet tall) are safety, energy efficiency and low cost (typically, the domes can be built at 30 per cent less than conventional buildings). Oct 26 2010