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Be paid to watch ads of your choice

New Delhi, July’19: Hong Kong-based ad-tech startup OneOneDay,has recently launched its Oodies app in India. This Android  app allows users to earn some  cash rewards and donate part of it to social causes by watching advertisements of their choice.
On Oodies, users choose the ads they want to watch, and get rewarded in cash for their time and attention. Oodies advocates for Universal Basic Attention Income --- everyone should be ‘rewarded’ for their attention spent on ads.
Every time an ad is watched, a portion of the advertising revenue goes to fund a social cause. For its launch in India, Oodies has chosen to tackle the issue of women's safety by providing safe last-mile rides to women in Delhi. With this business model, the company hopes to turn the act of ad-watching into a powerful force for social change.
Says Rick Tsing, Founder and CEO of OneOneDay:  “The Oodies app is a movement where advertisements will become a demand from everybody in the world because they know their attention can become a precious asset -- their attention can turn into purchasing power and donation power.”
For advertisers, Oodies provides an effective anti-advertising waste solution by matching the target audience precisely, powered by blockchain and psychometrics. Advertisers that are already on the platform include HUL’s Fair, Lovely Career Foundation and Bisleri.

To download the Oodies app,  click here.


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