From Left, Yoshitaka Honda, DGM Office Solutions , Sharp Corporation Japan; Manu Paliwal President Business Solutions, Sharp Business Solutions India and Shinji Minatogawa, Managing Director, Sharp Business Systems India at the launch of 2019 printers and displays in BVangalore, May 16 2019 ( Photo Anand Parthasarathy
Sharp Business printers touch the Cloud

At a B2B expo in Bangalore, yesterday,  the Japanese office solutions leader  showcases its technologies for a seamless any-time-anywhere  business  environment.
Bangalore, May 17 2019: An enterprise-scale multifunction office laser production printer -copier  has to serve not only staff at that location, but be accessible to roving employees, where ever they are. Consider these  business scenarios  of today: 
As a staff member  approaches the printer, motion sensors detect the movement and bring the dormant print to life. He or she has to insert a personalized smart card to operate the  MFP: This will record who made copies, when and of what original. If scanner is used, the  data on what was scanned is automatically recorded in the machine's memory. 
Image documents are automatically converted into a readable XML or PDF  format.  The document  integrates with the  document management system of the  office. 
Content  can be   scanned and shared with PCs, mobile phones,  LCD monitors. If a staffer is on another continent, he or she can  download directly from Google Drive  on a phone to the  office MFPO at headquarters.  If a staffer forgets the original on the copier plate, a voice reminds   to remove it. 
All this is part of  the  seamless office environment that Japanese  business solutions leader Sharp demonstrated   at a well-attended road-show for B2B partners, clients and resellers in Bangalore on Thursday.
7 MFPs launched
Seven models of Multi Function Printers  -- Sharp's latest offerings  for large work groups,  corporates or high volume print/scan shops were shown in action. Common to all is a 10.1 inch touch screen  for intuitive   operation.
Sharp's proprietary  solutions like Voice Assist,  Follow Me ( print from any where), Multilayered security ( smart cards, not  passwords), Cloud Connect, Scan & Save, provided the advantage in a crowded arena, explained  Shinji Minatogawa, Managing Director  Sharp Business Systems ( India).    The mobile phone is today tightly integrated into the management and operation of MFPs and other office solutions, through apps like Sharpdesk Mobile he added. 
But in the end  the differentiator  was  TCO, the total cost of ownership, achieved by   good energy star ratings, eco-friendly toner,  auto power-shut off and other features, explained Manu Paliwal;, President, Sharp Business Systems ( India).
The Sharp  A3 sized  laser monochrome MFP range MX-M5050, -M6050, -M4070, -M5070, -M6070, -M6570 and -M7570 range in price from Rs  3.95 lakhs to Rs 9.25 lakhs.  At the high end the printers were capable of  65-75 pages a minute.
Tomorrow's compact printer copier
With an eye to the future, Sharp also previewed  a  futuristic  extremely low footprint cube shaped colour A4  laser printers-copier, the smallest in this class in the world.
Also announced and showcased at the Sharp  B2B meet,  were a range of ultra HD ( 4K) commercial LCD displays from 43 inch ( Rs1.14 lakhs) to 86 inch ( Rs 9.93 lakhs).
The company has taken over Toshiba's laptop business and in future would be marketing them as Dyna Books, explained G.Madhu, Product Manager, Office Solutions.