Study shows Chennai is best among 50 IPL match cities for video download speed

12th May 2019
Study shows Chennai is best among 50 IPL match cities for video download speed
MS Dhoni ( left) and Rohit Sharma, captains of Chennai SuperKings and Mumbai Indians, in the finals of the India Premier League cricket tourney on May 12 2019

On the day of the India Premier League  2019 final on May 12,  we share news of a relevant tech trend....
London, May 12 2019: Research by UK-based mobile analytics firm, Opensignal,  released  yesterday, ranks Chennai, in India, with the fastest video download speed on smartphones.
The research, conducted across the top 50 cities in India during the recent IPL season ranked the cities based on 4G Video Load Time for IPL coverage. Given the recent development in 4G connectivity across leading cities in India, the results were very encouraging. 
Says Peter Boyland, Senior Analyst at Opensignal: “With the use of smartphones for watching video content becoming highly prevalent today, download speeds are an important aspect that service providers need to be cognizant of. The research by our team on 4G Video Download speeds during the IPL season are a testament to the fact that India's Video Experience is moving in the right direction. As mobile habits change and big data bundles become more affordable, millions of Indians are turning to their smartphones as their main mode for watching videos. This presents a significant opportunity for mobile network operators in the country to focus on improving their offerings to provide seamless consumer experience by."
The analysis measured the average time taken for a mobile video to load and for the picture to start moving via a 4G connection. Simply put, the shorter the video load time, the higher the ranking. This is where Chennai scored high, coming in at first place with an average time of 6 seconds. Kolkata followed close behind with an average time of 6.2 seconds, followed by Hyderabad which shone in third with 6.4 seconds. Bangalore and Chandigarh, home of the Kings XI Punjab, just scored under the 7-second mark, with Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur bringing up the tail.
The majority of the cities measured were batting fairly middle-order in the 6-7 seconds range, while two metros — Vasai-Virar and Kota — were stumped with 4G Video Load Time scores over 8 seconds.  The Data was collected between January and March 2019.
Sadly the final is being played today -- not in Chennai  but in Hyderabad.

Opensignal is a mobile analytics company and the global standard for analyzing and reporting on consumers’ real-world mobile network experience at the largest scale and frequency in the wireless industry: by operator, by country, regionally and worldwide. Their mobile analytics insights are used across the industry by operators, telecoms regulators, and analysts.