Patrick Lo ( left) Marthesh Nagendra unveil Netgear's WiFi 6 router family during the launch event in Bangalore, April 30 2019 ( Photo: Anand Parthasarathy / IndiaTechOnline)
Netgear launches WiFi 6 consumer routers in India

May 6 2019: Most of us were only  recently offered  home WiFi speeds of  up to 100 MBPS by our  broadband service providers. And now  we are being told:  That's all history. Get set  to  work ( and play) with1000 MBPS or 1 GBPS.  Gigabit Internet is here.
Just six weeks ago in this space we had  shared a heads up that a new avatar of  the  wireless data standard to be called WiFi 6   was  coming soon. Soon means now: 
Last week, Netgear  became the first  maker of  consumer routers to unveil a slate of  router products which work at the zippier speeds of the new WiFi-6  standard  -- theoretically up to 5 GBPS;  in practice about 4 times faster than the fastest router today.
Netgear Chairman & CEO,  Patrick Lo, stated at the launch event in Bangalore that the company would shortly launch WiFi6 versions of its mesh router system, Orbi. He explained: "The previous Wi-Fi iterations have been largely about enhancements to speed, the AX Wi-Fi 6 router promises a number of other benefits such as lower battery consumption, ability to serve multiple users and devices at the same time and most notably increased capacity and reduced latency.”
We review the  just-launched  Netgear Nighthawk  AX: 
 the first WiFi 6 consumer  router to reach India.
Added Marthesh Nagendra, Netgear's Country Manager - India & SAARC:  “With the increasing number of Wi-Fi devices in our home network, it is has become critical for Netgear  to provide a solution where each device gets the Wi-Fi bandwidth it needs so that you can get the quality connected experience that you deserve.”