EBTL offers a retrofit smart automation solution for Indian homes

 Home automation is best done  at  the building stage,  but retrofit is becoming easier
Bangalore, April 22 2019: Many up-market apartments  these days,   come pre-fitted with  smart home or  security consoles.  But  if you own an older  flat, you can still 'get smart' by retrofitting a  home automation panel.
Made  in India, and coming from Delhi-based  EBTL,  Amour 3.0 is a mobile -assisted smart switching automation solution for the home.  The control unit is a touch panel with icons for bulbs, lights, appliances etc. It supports   five  10-amp and  two  40-amp electrical channels, works on WiFi, voice and touch, with short circuit and surge protections.   It can regulate fan speed or dim bulbs. 
In case of a power switch-over to generator, it smoothly transits and remembers the last setting.   It fits into a standard  8 inch by 6 inch modular box  and with help from an electrician, an existing apartment can easily retrofit the Amour3.0.
The product is customizable and for a typical 3 BHK apartment could cost around Rs 1.5 lakh.
And if you are wondering  why the parent company is called EBTL , that is an acronym for Engineer Bringing Technology to Life! The 8 year old company  has grown to see its products  used in 300 cities in India, Europe and South Africa.