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Bigly attracts 500,000 downloads of its app for SMEs

New Delhi,  April  16 2019: The Delhi and Noida-based startup  Bigfly Technologies has engineered a connected platform to smoothen the process for influencers, resellers, unorganized retailers, and ecommerce retailers.
Bigly’s business model manages supplier listing in wholesale prices with a mechanism of minimum and maximum pricing which ensures that the individual products are sold at the market prices and they are abe to compete with the other players and earn handsome monthly Income.  Bigly completied 500,000  app downloads as on April 3.
Says Azmat Sahaaf, Founder, Bigly Technologies: "With daily downloads of 70k, Bigly is expecting to cross one million downloads in next 15 days.”
Bigly has different products for different kind of users and ranks number 2 amongst top free apps in business category, with 4.1 app ratings. It offers a plethora of products with 100+ categories with worth of 25+ crore inventory. The users can add products in a single click and add their profit margin upto 90% and sell it to their social media channels and manage their buyers too.
Earlier known as Go Online Services, Bigly Technologies empowers the Indian SMEs by providing an Online Retail Business Ecosystem enabling them to connect with the untapped buyers to provide personalized and regional experience.


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Bigly attracts 500,000 downloads of its app for SMEs
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