Cyrus Says podcast is now Alexa enabled

04th April 2019
Cyrus Says podcast is now Alexa enabled

Mumbai, April 04, 2019: IVM Podcasts, India’s premier podcast network has announced that its popular show, Cyrus Says will now have its own official skill on  Amazon  Alexa. Listeners of Cyrus Says can now play the popular podcast on their Amazon Echo or any Alexa-enabled device with the convenience of voice.
Hosted by the inimitable Cyrus Broacha, the show covers various elements of life in urban India including politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food and a host of other themes. This cricket season tune in to LANSO (Left-Arm-Not-So-Orthodox) – a topical edition of his podcast that airs every Wednesday by just saying “Alexa, talk to me about cricket”.
The skill can also be accessed with the Alexa app available on iOS and Android. Once enabled use simple voice commands such as “Alexa, open Cyrus Says”, or “Alexa, ask Cyrus says to play the latest podcast” to start listening.
Says Cyrus, "Wow Cyrus Says is on Amazon Alexa? Keep in mind Cyrus himself is not available. Just Cyrus Says. Ask Alexa to play me, I mean Cyrus Says."