ACT 2 from India's leading fibre Internet provider bundles infotainment with cable
Internet provider ACT will soon offer content on the same fibre

Bangalore, February 16 2019: Of all the gadgets in an average Indian household, two are the most boring and (for lack of a better word), dumb! One is the TV set top box and the other is your home internet router. While the router is becoming more stylish these days, the internet connectivity that comes into it, has been pretty normal. ACT Fibernet, the country's largest fiber broadband provider, is changing all that.
Wire-based  internet, is still the more stable way to connect and  ACT Fibernet  is all set to beef up its connectivity into the new-age Indian home which is becoming smarter by the day, with smart TVs, voice assistants, gaming consoles, smart weighing scales, even refrigerators and washing machines. All of these devices working together, demand consistent and high-performance internet connectivity 24/7. While most internet providers fundamentally built their products around basic home connectivity, smart homes demand faster, uninterrupted internet,  with corporate-level efficiency.
ACT has also tied up with video streaming providers and applications to enhance social content experience, and promises to become the single source for all your entertainment needs.  Why go to  multiple providers, one for basic  Internet, another for   TV channels, a third for   subscription-based   video...  we'll do it all for you, seems to be the message.