TVs on a roll or in talkative mood in 2019

January 16 2019: If this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is anything to go by, the TV biggies are riding the content-first wave to offer a multitude of options to buyers. Samsung has announced that its smart TVS will come with support for  archrival Apple's  iTunes, asd well as  HomeKit and AirPlay 2.  It has unveiled an insanely huge 219 inch Wall TV. 
LG  will soon launch a  foldable TV, in its 65 inches Signature series. Basically, these are TVS that can be rolled up  or pulled open  like a map.
Most brands are also focusing on a crucial aspect of a TV viewing experience -- the remote that accesses your content. The time is almost here to throw away the remote and  talk to your TV.  Manufacturers are  integrating Alexa and Google assistant  into TVs.  The  mantra seems to be: Why twiddle ( with buttons) when you can talk to your TV?