AskDISHA ChatBot is a big hit on IRCTC website

Bangalore, December 6 2018: Local startup, CoRover was launched  an attempt to make journeys more exciting for the passengers travelling together in a bus, train or flight to communicate and connect with each other.  Their latest  innovation is AskDISHA --  the world’s first ChatBot as a Service (CaaS). 
In  just 45 days since its launch, on the air booking site IRCTC,  AskDISHA has resolved 2 million queries within split seconds each, and with zero down time for  large concurrent audiences. It is also the vehicle with which IRCTC, for the first time in its 19 years, will make available its monthly potential audience of 120 million visitors  to advertisers and marketers.
So far, AskDISHA has resolved 2 million queries from customers in 186 countries. These were processed in an average of 0.5 seconds each, with 90% accuracy and zero down time with an average concurrent usage of 10000 active queries.
Says Ankush Sabharwal, Founder CEO, CoRover:  “It is a matter of pride to have been entrusted with the responsibility to create and launch IRCTC’s AI-driven ChatBot AskDISHA, which is hosted on our own technology platform. AskDISHA   will also offer a large and growing captive audience to marketers who are pleased that for the first time in 19 years, IRCTC has decided to open its massive audiences to advertisers through AskDISHA. Already, we have received as many as 10,000 queries for advertising, including from brands in FMCG, Banking, Insurance, e-Commerce and Telecom sectors among others. This is a testimony to the powerful combination of the audiences on IRCTC’s website and the excellent capabilities and deliveries of AskDISHA, which is seen from the numbers.”
AskDISHA runs on the CoRover platform ( which is auto-scalable and secure.