Divya Nag, head of Apple special projects ( healthcare). Inset: Apple Watch 4 ECG feature
The Indian behind the health tracking features in new Apple Watch

October 25 2018: A key new feature of the new Apple Watch 4 launched last month was its  health tracking capability -- including the monitoring of  heart beat, blood pressure and ECG. Now we know  -- thanks to Time Magazine -- that the person behind these  "diagnosis on the wrist" features was an Indian -American : Divya Nag, healthcare technology enthusiast and head of Special Projects focussing on health at Apple.
Divya is named last week,  in Time's Health Care 50 list, 'Fifty people transforming health care in 2018'.
Says  Time: Nag’s team developed ResearchKit, an open-source app developer for doctors and researchers to share patient results and clinical data, and this fall it announced groundbreaking new tools for the Apple Watch: the Series 4 includes an emergency-­response system, in case the wearer falls and doesn’t respond, and a medical-grade EKG heart-rate monitor.
She  has co-authored two dozen publications on stem cell technologies at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and dropped out of Stanford at the age of 20 to found Stem Cell Theranostics, a biotechnology company committed to revolutionizing the drug discovery process by performing the first “clinical trial in a dish” through the use of patient-specific beating heart cells derived from skin.
She also founded StartX Med, Stanford University and Stanford Hospital’s non-profit medical innovation accelerator program that has helped more than 100 health technology companies launch and raise over $400M. Divya joined Apple’s Special Projects group in 2014.
Divya has been named the 2nd Most Creative Person in Business by Fast Company, included on the Silicon Valley Top 100 Innovators and Disruptors list, selected as Forbes 30 under 30 standout in Science & Healthcare, and highlighted by Business Insider as one of the Most Powerful Millennials under 35.