True Balance launches digital gift cards for mobile money transactions

Bangalore, October 9 2018: True Balance, India’s leading balance and data management app, has launched digital gift cards for use in mobile phones for those unbanked users who do not have a bank account for their daily transactions or are averse to sharing private bank account details every time they pay their bills.
These gift card provides a fast, secure and convenient option for unbanked users to recharge and pay bills on the True Balance app which is a single interactive interface.
A user will have to install the True Balance App on his smartphone after which you can enter the serial number of the Gift Card on your phone. Once that is done, you receive points that can be used just like cash to go about your transactions. If you are a non-KYC user and haven't linked all your monetary accounts, then rather than worrying about your monthly digital-wallet limit, you can just use this Gift card to transact within the ecosystem of the App. There is no limit to the amount you can add to your Gift Card and being transferable, you can also gift the gift card to loved ones.
Gift cards have been outlined in different designs for special occasions and are available in retail outlets. Apart from this, users can also get a cash back by referring other users. True Balance is currently available to both Prepaid and Post-paid users. 

Link to app here