Your NFC credit card can be wirelessly hacked

September 3 2018: You never took your credit cards out of your belt pouch or wallet -- Yet you get an alert message that the card has been skimmed?  Impossible? No. When you travel, be warned that with today's  technology, a hacker can skim the contents of a purse or pouch,  with wireless tools, if you cards are Radio Frequency Identification  or RFID-ready.
Today  many  new generation cards have RFID embedded --  the ones that you can swipe  by just touching the point of sale machine or waving at it. They are also marketed as Wave and Pay cards.
For peace of mind, invest a small amount in special purse or pouch RFID blocking fabric that prevents the illegal scanning of your passports and credit cards. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this travel money belt is made of high quality fabric and elastic. It will cost less than Rs 600.  
The Indian travel  specialist SOTC has created a special site to market such travel accessories,  “Holiday Essentials” keeping in mind the type of vacation and destination requirement. The  range is an integral part of SOTC’s services and have been designed to make every vacation worry free by understanding the customer’s minute necessities. Click here for NFC-proof solutions