Zoho One is one year old & announces slew of improvements fueled by AI

Chennai, August 9 2018: Zoho, the Indian challenger in the global market of  all-in-one business application suites, with Zoho One,  has completed one year – having notched up 12,000 clients worldwide,  two-thirds of them outside India.
On average every client enabled 16 apps – the most popular being Customer Relations Management (CRM), Reports, Sales, Books, Social, Projects and Campaigns.

So what’s new on its first birthday?

  • Zia— the AI-powered assistant first introduced by Zoho CRM in 2016, will be extended to Zoho One.  Zia will soon respond to user queries by combining information from multiple apps;
  • A new  Analytics tab  delivers a deeper, more contextual picture of business operations by blending data from apps across the suite;
  • A new unified Search feature can execute across multiple applications, bringing back richer results that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to find the right data.

Zoho launched  5 new apps in the year gone by: Cliq, Zoho Sprints, Zoho PageSense, Zoho Flow.  
Zoho also launched Backstage, an end-to-end event management tool that allows organizers, corporations, and non-profit agencies to plan, promote, and run enterprise events ranging from large-scale meetings to conferences and trade shows. All apps continue to be available  in the combo Zoho One pricing of Rs 1000 per seat per month.
Said Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu at the anniversary media event last week: "The adoption of Zoho One has exceeded our expectations, and we hope to continue this momentum into its second year. The stats clearly show that customers will use multiple apps from a single suite, if those apps work together more deeply than a patchwork of products from different vendors. We see customers combining data from different Zoho and third-party apps—like email campaigns, CRM, customer support, and accounting—to generate new insights and make better decisions. Zoho One has already replaced more than 650 different products, and that number will only grow as we release even more new apps."

New Data centre: Zoho also  announced opening of data centres in Mumbai and Chennai that will be operational from August 2018. Indian users who have registered through zoho.in will be served by these data centres.