The Symantec team at the Chennai Security Operations Centre
Symantec expands Security Operations Centre in Chennai

Expansion enhances access to Global Threat Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and 24X7 Monitoring Services to support customers in India and globally
Chennai,  August 2,2018: Leading  global cyber security company,Symantec,  has enhanced  its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Chennai -- its  largest in the Asia Pacific & Japan  region.
Customers in India and across the globe can now expect enriched access to security intelligence insights, and faster detection and response through greater regional coverage and visibility of the threat landscape in this rapidly growing economy. This facility will also support customers and other Symantec SOCs across the globe. Powered by their Global Intelligence Network, and more than 100 dedicated, highly trained and qualified cyber security professionals, the SOC is designed to bolster cyber defenses and respond to new threats as they emerge.
The expanded SOC will offer the full suite of Symantec Cyber Security Services (CSS) capabilities, helping customers reduce operational costs while extending the capabilities of their security teams to expedite response to attacks across on-premises and cloud environments – before, during and after an attack. 
“Symantec continues to heavily invest in our global SOC locations,” said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO. “Our strategic expansion in Chennai and other SOC territories highlights our commitment to providing the most evolved cyber security to customers around the world. Symantec’s SOCs are powered by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to comb through trillions of telemetry elements. This unique capability provides protection against advanced cyber threats in an increasingly connected world.”
 “The cyber attacks that companies, governments and people face today are multi-faceted, requiring the combination of Symantec intelligence, technology and expertise to bolster defenses to stop advanced threats,”  added Samir Kapuria, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cyber Security Services at Symantec. “With the expanded Chennai SOC, Symantec CSS continues to sharpen its competitive advantage for our customers as well as our growing network of cyber warriors.  Symantec is focused on staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape by integrating advanced technologies and developing innovative tools designed to track unusual behaviors and identify attacks to protect our customers from both internal and external attacks.”