Indian matrimonial site Banihal uses AI & Neuroscience

Bangalore, July 18 2018: Banihal, is an online matrimonial website that promises to find the perfect match for their users based on neuroscience.
The matchmaking website caters to the aspirations of those for whom traditional ways of finding a life partner don't work. It has made neuroscience research and advanced search technology the centerpiece of its matchmaking service with the aim to deliver objective and accurate results.  
Banihal is the brainchild of IshdeepSawhney, Co-Founder and CEO.
Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and neuroscience research; RAE, the artificial intelligence system, has the ability to give you an unbiased and truly objective view and claims to predict the right match with 90% accuracy. 
Says Ishdeep:“Rae is built using an artificial intelligence technology that creates representations of what each individual is like and what they are looking for in their long-term partner. It’s hard to give a formula for the person who would be a perfect match but when we start meeting people and give feedback on the things we like and don’t like, Rae creates a rich understanding of each individual and identifies the matches that are closest to the perfect match so that we have two super excited individuals when they meet in real life”
Ishdeep’s technical knowledge stems from his 9 years of experience in the technology sector, playing key roles in working with software giants like Apple and Microsoft. At Apple, Ishdeep worked in kernel and iCloud data syncing, and was also part of the prestigious engineering team that created the first iPad, the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. At Microsoft, he developed the idea for Fone+, a project which enabled Microsoft to take Windows Mobile into emerging markets.
Rae is the system at Banihal that makes predictions and before it can
do that, it is trained with data from thousands of other people who have
connected with each other on Banihal. Every individual when signing
up on Banihal gives very detailed information about themselves and
their family and complete several psychology based tests. This
creates a unique fingerprint of the individuals values, thoughts and
priorities. The same things that make us attracted to each other
when we meet in real life. The more mutual understanding we have,
the more mutual respect we have. These are magical connections
where we can complete each other’s sentences. Rae then gives a
compatibility rating for every pair of individuals and shows the user
only profiles where they are likely to connect and meet. At present
90% of individuals that are marked as the most compatible by Rae
start a conversation. This far exceeds the success rate of any human
matchmaker. It is also far better than any swiping app where
individuals have to swipe 500 times to have one conversation.