The Samsung Mobile Phone plant in Noida, India.... world's largest
Samsung mobile phone plant in India is world's biggest

Noida, National Capital Region, July 10, 2018:   Samsung Electronics, yesterday  opened its  new mobile phone manufacturing facility– in Noida,  National Capital Region, Uttar Pradesh, India  –  the world's largest such  unit.
It was inaugurated jointly by the Indian  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the  Korean President, Moon Jae-in.
With this new facility, Samsung will double its current capacity for mobile phones in Noida from 68 million units a year to 120 million units a year, in a phase-wise expansion that will be completed by 2020.
Samsung has been manufacturing mobile phones in India since 2007. The company  has been populating Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) right from its inception and is aligned with the Government of India’s Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP) goals.
The Noida factory, which was set up in 1996 is one of the first global electronics manufacturing facilities set up in India. A bigger manufacturing plant, spread over 129,000 sq. metres, will help Samsung meet the growing demand for its innovative products and services across the country and also fulfil the Company’s goal of making India an export hub for the world.
On June 7, 2017, Samsung  announced an investment of   Rs 49.15  billion ( Rs 4,915 crore)to add new capacity at the Noida plant, under the Uttar Pradesh government’s Mega Policy.
Says HC Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Samsung India: "Our Noida factory, the world’s largest mobile factory, is a symbol of Samsung’s strong commitment to India, and a shining example of the success of the Government’s ‘Make in India’ programme. Samsung is a long-term partner of India. We ‘Make in India’, ‘Make for India’ and now, we will ‘Make for the World’. We are aligned with Government policies and will continue to seek their support to achieve our dream of making India a global export hub for mobile phones."