Indian OS Indus joins with mobile discovery platform Appnext

03rd July 2018
Indian OS Indus joins with mobile discovery platform Appnext

San Francisco, U.S. ,  July 4, 2018 - Indus OS, India’s indigenous operating system andAppnext, a leading mobile discovery platform, have partnered to provide smart and interactive user engagement tools and technologies which will  help Indus OS offer its customers  discover and access  many new services. Under the new partnership, Indus OS will integrate Appnext Actions to provide additional services and better user experience for its customers.
 Appnext Actions is a product that allows any app, device or operating system to seamlessly connect its users to countless of services they need for a better, more efficient day.  For Indus OS, these Action-based services will be implemented in the form of a widget, on the phone’s’ launcher. The widget will feature time and weather info, as well as relevant services (“Actions”) to choose from, like book a flight, order a taxi, order food, listen to music, play a game and much more. This feature ties up perfectly with Indus OS’ vision of enabling discovery of services and thereby enabling India’s next billion users to hop on to the digital bandwagon and discover services via their smartphones.
Says Rakesh Deshmukh, Co-Founder & CEO, Indus OS: “Our efforts have been focused around creating a technology platform that brings app developers, smartphone brands and the users on a single platform and truly creates an Indian smartphone experience with localized content and services. Our focus has always been to create technology specifically for India and to have over 1 billion smartphone users from India connected with an Indian digital platform. By partnering with Appnext, a leading provider of innovative and interactive solutions for the mobile industry, we will be able to provide tailored service recommendations that fit the local market and improve the end customers' overall experience. We are excited over the new possibilities and are looking to strengthening our relationship with Appnext.”
Adds Miki Hakak, VP Marketing & Head of Actions Business Unit, Appnext: “Over the past year, we saw a global rise in OEMs and mobile retailers looking for new solutions in service-based monetization, engaging with the end users and providing them with services they need, while creating a new revenue stream. We are proud to partner with an innovative company such as Indus OS, who has managed to make mobile phones accessible to large audiences by providing a leading edge yet simplified operating system to many device brands in India. We are positive that our solutions will help Indus OS cater to the local needs of the Indian smartphone users. Our near future integration of Appnext Actions will open a new revenue stream for Indus OS while providing a unique service that will contribute to their users’ experience.”
 Indus OS is an indigenous technology platform that brings app developers, smartphone brands and the users on a single platform and truly creates an Indian smartphone ecosystem. It was launched in May 2015 and quickly climbed to the #2 OS spot in India by mid-2016, overtaking global giants such as Apple’s iOS & Microsoft’s Windows.Currently Indus OS a user base of over 10 Million on the back of 10 smartphone brand partnerships in India. 
Appnext Actions turns any app or mobile device into a platform - a “super app”, by enabling seamless integration of third-party services to connect users to their next action. Now, when a user wants to order lunch, get a taxi or buy a gift, he/she will be presented with a list of options for services and apps, personalized to their unique context and usage preferences. To the user, this means the future of search, meaning information you need is delivered to you without having to type a search query.