This startup uses AI to match the professional to the job

30th June 2018
This startup uses AI to match the professional to the job

June 30 2018: is an AI-powered talent network matching you to relevant professionals or opportunities, in real-time. It was previously known as Frapperz, 
Targeted at the highly mobile millennial and Gen-Z workforce, Spotle provides a dynamic and agile platform to get you spotted by the top hirers and decision-makers.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- uses machine learning, NLP, predictive modelling and analyses a
professional’s moving career graph and aspirations. It then matches professionals
and opportunities contextually, quickly and accurately.

The AI pulls your professional data, analyses your career goals and automatically finds the right networks and opportunities for you. Think of it as your AI-enabled assistant working 24/7 to help your career grow. Powered by a mix of NLP, predictive modelling and machine learning Spotle crunches all your professional data in the background and puts you in the right place at the right time. Sounds complex? Not really. All you need to do is swipe right on the opportunities that matter; without the hassle of irrelevant job searches and endless follow-ups.
For companies or employers, uses deep matching to instantly surface the right talents you will want to hire. It simplifies the entire hiring process through AI-powered candidate matching. Your talent pipelining becomes easy as Spotle recommends potential hires based on your hiring goals. It also lets you engage with passive candidates who are not actively applying to jobs right now. The intuitive, swipe-based UI makes it a great place to engage with next-gen talents. is built by a team of engineers and MBAs from IIT, Jadavpur University, Imperial College London and SP Jain Mumbai; the team who have transformed their own experiences into a technology solution.
The company has secured further investment at a 5-times  higher valuation than  previous. The angel funding round had seen participation by multiple investors led by an Australia based healthcare entrepreneur and startup investor Shiva Gunapu.
Says Gunapu: “Every time I speak with Jyotirmay and Rimjhim I am amazed by their energy, confidence and willingness to face any situation. They have a clear vision. They know what they are doing. And they can show you the future in front of your eyes. They are going to go a long way.”