Bosch Group CEO Volkmar Denner in Bangalore
Bosch to base an AI R&D centre in Bangalore

Bangalore, June 21 2018: The Bosch Group  announced plans to pump in an additional Rs 17,000 million into its India operations,  Chairman of the Board of Management  and Group CEO,  Dr Volkmar Denner, announced  yesterday. A major share of this will be used to expand Bosch’s smart campus in Adugodi and modernize manufacturing facilities in the country.
The company announced that the Bangalore  centre would  be one of three Centres  for Artificial intelligence (BCAI) - the other two  based in Sunnyvale, U.S. and Renningen, Germany.
“Most of the products in the near future will be linked to artificial intelligence. These products will either possess that intelligence themselves, or AI will play a key role in their development or manufacture,” said Mr. Denner.  
Around 18,000 out of Bosch’s 31,000 associates in India work in research and development (R&D).  Bosch in India has also partnered with IIT-Madras and set up a Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at IIT- M with a fund of Rs 40 million per year for 5 years.
The company believes that the Internal Combustion Engine will continue to be the mainstream solution for freight and commercial vehicles. However, a key role here will be played by Bosch India’s electrification initiatives, to address the transformation in urban mobility. Keeping in mind the country’s climate change targets, Bosch views the co-existence of fossil fuel engines and electrification with hybridization as an interim solution.
Bosch has now achieved a breakthrough in diesel technology: with their new diesel technology, Bosch engineers have succeeded in getting NOx emissions massively down. On average, test vehicles equipped with the enhanced technology already emit no more than 13 milligrams of NOx per kilometer during road tests according to the new European RDE standard. “There’s a future for diesel. It will remain integral to tomorrow’s mobility solutions,” the Bosch CEO said.