Ather launches 2 smart electric scooters

06th June 2018
Ather launches 2 smart electric scooters
Swapnil Jain- CTO & Co-Founder and Tarun Mehta- CEO & Co-Founder- Ather Energy, at the e-scooter launch on June 5 2018

Bangalore, June 6,  2018: Better late than never! Though it was almost 2 years since Ather  -- the brainchild of two  IIT graduates  unveiled plans in this city, to launch a smart electric scooter, the  unveiling, which happened yesterday  was a splashy event. Coincidentally, for a clean ebergy option, it happened on World Environment Day. Ather launched 2 variants, of their   intelligent, electric scooter Ather 450 and Ather 340.
The Ather 450 is designed for city riding conditions, it comes with a top speed of 80 km/hr, a range of 75 km and  quick  accelerations of 3.9 seconds from 0-40 km/hr.. claimed to be the best  in the scooter market. . It can fast charge to 80% at a rate of 1 km/minute. It comes with a 3.3kW BLDC motor that can ride up 18-degree slopes, making steep parking lots, flyovers, and roads an easy climb. And for the first time in the category, Ather 450 comes with parking assist, which allows riders to reverse into tight parking locations. It comes with a 7” touchscreen dashboard that allows onboard navigation with options of alternative routes and saved locations and  the Ather app that enables push navigation from the phone to the vehicle dashboard, remote monitoring of the vehicle health, charge monitoring and managing service requirements. The Ather 450 comes with a home charging Point, that will be installed by the company at either owners’ homes or workplace.
The Ather 340, is very similar to the 440 in looks and features,  with slightly less  power ( 2.8 kW versus 3.3 kW for the 450),  max speed of 70 kmph ( versus 80 kmph)   and range of 60 km versus 75 km.
|The Ather 450 is priced at Rs. 1,24,750 on road and the Ather 340  is priced at Rs. 1,09,750 on road. This is inclusive of subsidy @ Rs. 22,000, GST, road tax, smart card fee, registration card, and insurance.
Limited pre-orders have opened on Ather’s website and,  an  experience centre, AtherSpace  at Indiranagar will open for test rides on June 8.
Ather has laid the ground in Bangalore, by setting up as string of charging stations all over the city.See our report here. Cofounders  Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain announced that  thwey would be tgaking the electric bikes next to Pune and Chennai, after firast creating the charging infrastructure in  those cities.