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Prakash Menon in the Nanjing Road centre of NIIT in China and (right) a class in progress in the centre ( Photos: Anand Parthasarathy / IndiaTechOnline)
Prakash Menon of NIIT helped create the India brand of tech training in China

Bangalore, May 7 2018: Prakash Menon , the man who over nearly 2 decades,  as President, NIIT China helped create the India brand of infotech training  in that country, died in his sleep on May 4 at the age of 54.  He was brought back to India and cremated in Bangalore on Monday.
When he moved to China in 1997, Menon was already a 10-year veteran , having served in Bangalore and Chennai. Over the next  20 years,  he helped  establish NIIT as the " most influential IT training brand in China"  to quote the Chinese Ministry of Education.   He did this painstakingly by working within the formal Chinese  technical education system, convincing province after province to recognize  the IT training provided by NIIT as equivalent to college credits in that subject.  Across 25 provinces,  and 130 Chinese universities, over 200  NIIT  centres  -- staffed by Chinese instructors, working on courses crafted by Indians --  made the brand one of the best recognized by engineering students.  Chinese students   took  a 4 year bachelor programme or 3 year associate degree programme in Information Technology. On weekends at the same location, NIIT provided training in English language skills.  The irony was, in an innovative " NIIT Inside" model, dozens of Chinese institutions, embedded the Indian trainer and   exempted students from a regular course, if they had taken the equivalent NIIT course in Java, C++ Web design etc. This,  while the Indian government  arms like UGC and AICTE continued to  ignore  the certifications of private trainers like NIIT.
The Chinese government  honoured Menon ( and NIIT Vice Chairman Vijay Thadani) multiple times and many provincial administrations sought their advice when they  crafted new tech courses.
Menon was a leader of the 3000-strong Indian community in Shanghai.  His wife Rekha and children Manaasi and Medha, who did  most of their schooling in China,    surprised visitors from India, by their fluency in Mandarin. 
Since 2016, Menon   moved from active  direction of NIIT China and served  as President of NIIT Career Education business, with his base in Bangalore. But  when the history of NIIT is written, Prakash Menon's role in establishing the brand in China  as an exemplar of Indian IT training will form a glorious chapter.
- AnandParthasarathy
All of us at NIIT, are deeply saddened by the news. Prakash Menon was an
extraordinary human being, an inspiring mentor, an organization builder and
a professional par excellence. The void created by his passing shall always
be felt. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family in these difficult times.

Vijay Thadani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Limited

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Prakash Menon of NIIT helped create the India brand of tech training in China
by Sasidharan on May  08,  2018
  "May his soul attain Moksha. With Prayers"
Prakash Menon of NIIT helped create the India brand of tech training in China
by Rahul Patwardhan on November  03,  2018
  "Thank you for this article recognising my Friend Prakash’s contribution to IT Training in China. "
Prakash Menon of NIIT helped create the India brand of tech training in China
by Tony on January  18,  2019
  "Good Morning, I have written almost ten thousand articles on careers advice during my time at a legal recruitment company based in London. I have written a very good guide on my personal tips for interview success as I feel this is an area that many students and job applicants get wrong. I would be most obliged if you could publish this guide on your blog as I am sure that it would be beneficial to your readers and the public at large. I have saved the guide on my google drive which you can access through here: I did not have time to collect some pretty images so please add some to the post. It would be fab if you could ping me the link to the published blog so that I could share it with my friends on Facebook who I am sure will read it with great interest as I am sure that everyone is bound to decorate their home sometime. Best wishes Tony"