WiFi Routers embrace MU-MIMO technology to improve coverage

The  new WiFi routers from D-Link ensure good speeds and no  dark areas in your home hotspot

Bangalore,April, 23 2018: A home Wi-Fi router  of five years ago and one available today , look almost  the same. But the technology under the hood has undergone  generational change. Today,they have eliminated  the three  pain points of setting up a home wireless hotspot:  poor range;  frequent breaks in the link and many blind zones.  Result  one router doesn't always cover an entire apartment. You end up buying  wireless repeaters.
No router is perfect for all geographies, but the newer  models tend to  provide faster, more reliable coverage  by harnessing  some  of tomorrow's  technologies. We have been trying   D-Link's  AC 2600 ( Model DIR 882) and AC 1900 (DR878) WiFi Routers  which bear this out. Most routers  these days  work in two bands  -- 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz  and the D-link models are no exception. But they also  bring in,  so-called MU-MIMO  also known as Massive MIMO. The  acronym stands for  Multi User- Multiple In Multiple Out.   What this mouthful means is: a  wireless network that allows the transmitting and receiving of more than one data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel. 
Standard MIMO networks tends to use one or two antennas -- like the older  Wi-Fi routers.  Mu MIMO can use a large number, even hundreds.  The two D-Link routers use 4 antennas. 

The advantage is,  using a smart beam technology, the router can  use different antennas to reach different devices -- PC, TV, phones. It can also switch dynamically from  the 2.4 GHz band to the 5 GHz band depending on the wireless conditions.   With  a superior processor,  the AC 2600  pumps out  stronger signals that reach all over the house and is designed to sustain  heavy 4K-type   video streaming without stutter. The  rated data speeds for the AC 2600 are   between 2.5 GBPS  to 1.73 GBPS  depending on the band. But let's face It , no  service provider offers   such speeds today.  If you install the D-Link QoS Quality of Service app, you can control the router from your phone and allot pr offered  at around  Rs 10,000 at online sites.

The  AC1900  has slightly slower  data transfers between  1.3 GBPS  and 600 MBPS. It is priced Rs 9975,  quoted  online  for around Rs 7500 and should be OK for a single storey  2-3 bedroom apartment.