Indian engineers of Texas Instruments showcase their innovation

19th April 2018
Indian engineers of Texas Instruments  showcase their innovation
The winning Project: a belt, to help visually challenged people navigate easily, at the DIY @ TI Day

Bangalore,  April 19, 2018: Made-in-India  innovation was on display yesterday in the Bangalore campus of Texas Instruments,  at the annual  ‘DIY with TI’  day. 
The  global event held across TI’s U.S., Germany, China and India offices aims to nurture a culture of innovation within  TI by providing a platform to TI engineers  to explore alternate and newer ways to solve a problem by doing what they love.
The theme this year was to build projects that help ‘Make the world a better place’. The event saw several innovative solutions – such as driver assistance for preventing accidents, assistive technology for the visually challenged, a low cost and low power solution to enable monitoring and remote control of home appliances for efficient energy usage and much more.
The first prize went to the team that had devised a wearable technology, a belt, to help visually challenged people navigate easily. This device uses a single radar sensor to detect the obstacles around and is connected to smart phone which will be used to navigate the person to the desired location. The belt uses vibration motors and buzzers to warn/navigate the user. The devise is a step towards making the world a better place for visually challenged people.
Says Santhosh Kumar, President and Managing Director at Texas Instruments India. “Do It Yourselves (DIY) at TI celebrates the spirit of experimenting with technology to build innovative solutions to real-world problems. The event is about stretching your imagination to identify real world problems and find interesting technology solutions for them. Most engineers at TI have hobby projects across diverse interest areas and DIY gives them an opportunity to showcase their ideas – not just through charts and presentations, but working demos. It also drives an ‘innovation’ mind-set. Maybe someday we will see a DIY project evolve into a game changing business idea!"