World-first robot tea maker unveiled at Convergence India- IoT expo

New Delhi, March 9  2018:  The combined 26th Convergence India 2018 ex and  2nd Internet of Things India 2018 expos which concludes here today, saw some  rare innovations showcased. We sample a few on this page:  

Robotic  tea maker
Arya is he world's first robotic tea maker. Correct that to chai maker, because Arya can   brew  very Indian teas -- with adarak (ginger), elaichi (cardamom), saunf (fennel), dalchini (cinnamon), chai masala, long (cloves),  kahwa -- and yes, milk, sugar and water.
Talk to Arya and make your custom chai using real ingredients and your recipe. You can  create  your own recipe online from your phone or a computer at All you have to do is choose the exact amount of ingredients you prefer, and leave the rest to Arya. One can also talk to Arya by simply saying, “Hi Arya! Make me my favourite cup of tea.” And your tea is made with your precise flavor as Arya is programmed to remember your perfect tea recipe. Arya is built on a propriety KernelCloud technology which will allow the robot to update new skills.
HiArya  is a technology and a food enthusiast company based out of Gurgaon, India. The cofounders are:
Akash Takyar,  a serial entrepreneur and has experience of building over 100 digital platforms for Startups or Fortune 500 companies and used by millions. Akash also founded LeewayHertz, which is a global technology service company specialized in Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. Akash has been a technology consulted for companies like 3M, Siemens and Hershey’s. Akash is also the inventor of a US patent for “Reverse Geocoding”, which is also mentioned in Uber and Twitter’s patent.
Rajesh Takyar has 30 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering products. He is a strategic thinker driven by results. An active driver of end-to-end product transformations, he possesses a creative problem-solving ability. He heads product development and drives engineering results on a daily basis. His mission is to enable every individual to get their favorite Chai anytime, anywhere.
Jayesh Chaudhari has a Masters Degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Jayesh has built over ten enterprise solutions which are being used by millions of users worldwide. Jayesh has a deep understanding of Cloud, Microservices, BlockChain, IoT and low-level engineering.