Aditi's Microsoft-centric thrust is rooted in its Indian talent

17th July 2010
Aditi's Microsoft-centric thrust is rooted in its  Indian  talent
Aditi Technologies has created a cool new video tool for Indian TV major NDTV

Made for NDTV "News desk" web app., harnesses Silverlight, PhotoSynth.

“We like to think of ourselves as the best Microsoft shop on the planet”, says Aditi Technologies’ President, Pankaj Jindal. He is not far off – but keep a caveat in mind. Aditi, headquartered in Bangalore – with four of its five international offices in the US, is not the place to look for Microsoft’s off the shelf products per se. But if you are an enterprise and a user of Microsoft technologies, chances are you will, sooner rather than later, end up at Aditi looking for a tool, a tweak or a full blown solution that will make your Microsoft application work, better, faster, cheaper.
With the bulk of its software muscle based in India, Aditi is currently helping dozens of global companies optimise their deployment of Microsoft cloud services platform, Azure – and its working closely with Microsoft Research (MSR) to make this happen.
When it comes to applications for the mobile phone, Aditi embraces all standards – its recent FIFA world cup tracker tool for phones was available simultaneously on all four major platforms – iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia ( see our story: )
And its most recent piece of Microsoft-centric software innovation is a cool prototype news desk for the Indian TV group, NDTV – designed to showcase NDTV’s vast video repository and deliver up to the minute video content to users on their desktops and enable them to seamlessly link to or share content with, social media services like Twitter. The application which has a potential beyond NDTV’s specific mandate, harnesses Microsoft’s web development platform Silverlight and its photo stitching consumer software PhotoSynth.
As official launch partner for Windows7 and Office 2010, Aditi is currently engaged with multiple clients helping in making their migration experience a painless exercise.
If Microsoft makes it, we are with it, is Aditi’s mantra or as Jindal puts it, they are a "Microsoft 360" company.

July 18 2010