Carry on e-reading!

 The new edition of Kindle Oasis  brings the largest screen yet.
December 18 2017: It is 10 years this month since Amazon disrupted the e-book market with the Kindle reader. Since then the  leader among dedicated e-book readers has held on to its fans in the face of challenges  from tablet PCs.
he 9th iteration of  Amazon's reader is the "all-new" Kindle Oasis, a misleading name since there was a Kindle with the same name last year.  So what's new?   For starters, there is the size. At 7 inches this is the largest Kindle reader  where the  earlier Oasis was  6 inches. and comes with an enhanced  300 dpi resolution.  That makes this the  best reading experience to date.
The adaptive light sense technology is not new and was first debuted with the 2014 Kindle Voyage.  It ensures that you can be read even in bright ambient light. 
The bevel on one edge make it very easy to hold -- but I am very disappointed that Kindle has done away with the  soft cover which doubled as charger and was a feature of the first Oasis. Now,  you have to pay extra for the  cover -- and it is currently unavailable in India. However the basic reader is for the first time,  waterproof, so  users who  like to read poolside or on the beach, can relax. 
he asking price of  Rs 21,999 for the 8 GB storage model  ( the 32 GB costs Rs 28,999) is in fact lower than last year's  Oasis model. And if you are a bit surprised by the cost, remember, Amazon throws in a  life time-free 3G data connection .. that alone can add up to a nice chunk of change saved, over the years! ANAND PARTHASARATHY