Going virtual on the desktop... NComputing's offerings
NComputing pushes PC virtualization with enterprise desktop solution

Desktop virtualization leader, NComputing, has announced the availability of the L300 thin-client access device in India, an enterprise-class platform that complements its USB virtual desktop kit the U 170 launched just two months ago.
Combined with NComputing’s vSpace software, the  L 300 provides powerful thin client performance including rich, full screen, full motion multimedia playback up to 1920x1080 resolution ( full high definition), transparent USB redirection and powerful management tools.
Set up is simple, seamless and scalable from the deployment of 4 workstations in a remote branch office to several thousand virtual desktops in a corporate setup. The device is based on the NComputing Numo System-on-Chip family which is optimized to combine with NComputing’s vSpace virtualization software to deliver Windows virtual desktops and integrate into Citrix and VMware VDI installations.

The L300 zero client is a quarter of the cost of desktop PCs. It is expected to save over 75 percent in capital costs, 75 percent in operating costs and 90 percent in energy consumption compared to other fully-deployed VDI client or desktop PCs.
Manish Sharma, Vice-President, NComputing, APAC region said at last week’s launch: “We expect the L300 to build on our substantial success in the Indian market which is a becoming a massive adopter of VDI for the enterprise”.

A world-first USB virtual desktopIn April, N Computing launched the “world’s first USB – connected virtual desktop”, the U170 in India, targeting small businesses, schools and home users: a one-station kit and with plug-and-play simplicity for up to 10 users per PC. It plugs into a standard PC's USB port, and the NComputingvSpace virtualization software enables another user to share that PC.The U170 has connections for the additional user's own peripherals, including keyboard, monitor, and mouse and up to nine U170s can be connected to a single PC and still provide a high-definition multimedia experience for every user.

The L300 and U 170 are being distributed by Redington India Limited and its reseller network throughout the country. ( July 10 2010) 

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