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tronX sends a message to your phone when gas cylinder is depleted
Hyderabad startup Smartron has created a voice-based IoT platform for Indian needs

From  V. Sudhakshina
December 3 2017: As a child I remember watching the Jetsons, a cartoon show for kids that showed futuristic home with robotics and connected appliance in space. Thanks to the Internet-of-Things-fueled   innovation of  companies like Smartron, our homes may soon get   closer to what the Jetsons had. Their  flagship tool is an  Artificial Intelligence powered IoT platform, tronX. Smartron is also developing a voice powered virtual assistant that understand Indian-accent  English plus other regional languages.
Smartron’s home-built next gen OS, is also designed to seamlessly work with major operating system platforms like Android or Windows. Smartron also announced their plans to introduce the newly launched Qualcomm Mesh Networking platform for IoT connected devices. The Mesh Wi-Fi platform from Smartron, features the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, which includes the Qualcomm  Wi-Fi SON (Self Organising Network) Feature suite, that is designed to  ensures corner to corner Wi-Fi coverage in the house, the Qualcomm IoT Connectivity Feature Suite that supports multiple IOT communication protocols for virtually seamless onboarding and control of a wider range of IoT devices. It will also  enable partner- OEMs to develop next generation products with cutting edge features
In their Hyderabad HQ, Smartron has showcased a few 'homely' applications of tronX: a facial recognition feature  unlocks the door; a sensor gauges the  level inside your  cooking gas cylinder
Says Smartron founder Mahesh Lingareddy, “tronX is an intelligent platform that is customized for India."  
Already tronX tells the time,  predicts weather, and controls  half a dozen  IoT devices. Once there is a critical mass of such apps, tronX   will  be ready to move in to your home and  talk to you. 


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