Tackling the minions of air pollution

01st December 2017
Tackling the  minions  of air pollution
Inventor Sir James Dyson and the bladeless room air purifier

Dyson is entering the India market with  slate of products in the new year. We focus here on their innovative  room air purifier
By Vishnu Anand
Bangalore, December 2 2017: Sir James Dyson is a British inventor extraordinaire whose company since 1993 has earned 7500 patents in a broad swath of applications from vacuum cleaners to  hair dryers.  His flagship innovation is a bladeless fan  and his latest is an air purifier, using this fan technology.
Last month, Dyson previewed the  Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier  in Delhi and plans to launch the product in India in early 2018.   This is a first-ever  WiFi connected purifier and claims to capture  particles as small as 0.1 micron. Like the Dyson bladeless fan, this is  a very  thin and sleek device. The trick  is  proprietary Air Multiplier technology that  draws in small amount of air to produce high-velocity airflow. This is further multiplied by passing  the air through an airfoil shaped ring, creating a local low pressure zone.
The Pure CoolLink also doubles as a room cooler/heater when you don't need the purification 
Desktop and Tower versions sell abroad for $ 270 and $ 400 and we understand the pro\icing will be comparable when the official launch takes place in 2019. . But you will find both models  already available on India editions of eBay and Amazon  for Rs 50,000 -- Rs 65,000.
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