Control PC screen with your eyes!

11th August 2017
Control PC screen  with your eyes!
Physically challenged user controls PC with eye movement

New Eye Control feature will be available in Windows 10  update
Bangalore,August 11 2017: A challenged thrown to Microsoft  by an athlete suffering  major disability,    has resulted in a tool that helped him -- and  will now be  included in Windows 10  at its next update.
In 2014, US footballer Steve Gleason, was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) a severe disability that restricted him to a wheelchair and  deprived  him of almost all movement-- except his eyes.  He  shared his challenge with Microsoft   and they made it a task at  one of their internal hackathons. The team led by Harish Kulkarni, Principal Software Development Engineer in Microsoft Research,  came up with an EyeGaze wheelchair that was instrumented so that he could issue commands -- and even control a PC screen -- by moving his eyes.
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CEO Satya Nadella  came across this innovation in a recent review and mandated that the solution  should  help many more physically challenged people. So the next  update to Windows 10 will include a tool called  Eye Control, that  responds to the user's eye movement.  When a compatible  eye tracker,  like the Tobii 4C,   used by gamers, is attached, it  changes access options so that  eye movement  can replace a physical mouse and keyboard.
Eye Control is  now in  beta  state but  and people interested in early testing and providing feedback can sign up to be a Windows Insider.

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