Sharad Shrivastava and Don Kennedy showing off the C3SPEAR data centre-in-a-box
Take your data centre with you!

Elliptical Mobile Solutions teams with Delhi-based Grassroots Channels, to bring its micro-modular climate controlled, self-propelled electronic racks to India.

Cut the footprint of your data centre by three-fourth; reduce cooling and power requirement by half and operating costs by 65 percent; mix-n-match as many or as few of your standard 19 inch computing and storage modules -- and if you ever need to relocate the centre in a hurry, just drive it away and plunk it down in its new home, to be up and working in minutes. Sounds like an unachievable wish-list of harassed data centre managers? Could be.
On the other hand, Chandler,Arizona(US)-based Elliptical Mobile Solutions thinks it is a reasonable proposition – one which they offer to deliver with their line of micro-modular, temperature controlled, self propelled , relocatable, electronic rack systems. Last week the company brought its line of new ‘ data-centre-in-a-box’ solutions to India, partnering with the Delhi-based turnkey solution providers, Grassroots Channels

The Elliptical data centre enclosures come in three designs: Relocatable, Adaptive, Suspension, Equipment Rack (R.A.S.E.R), Self-Propelled, Electronic, Armoured Rack (S.P.E.A.R.). and the smaller Climate-Controlled Campus, Self-Propelled, Electronic, Adaptable Rack (C3-S.P.E.A.R.). The RASER is a full height ( 42U) data centre enclosure which caters to 12 KW power and provides its own units for 16 KW of closed loop cooling. SPEAR is 22U mobile and hardened rack , armoured for mission critical operations, up to 6 KW power and providing 2.5KW/6 KW of cooling. C3SPEAR is a 24 U enclosure that provides foir 2.5 KW power and 2.5 KW/6 KW cooling.
All units harness Elliptical’s patented closed loop cooling technology where heat is contained and the cooling applied directly to the equipment. The active fire suppression system starves the fire of oxygen. “These data centres reduce the cost to plan, build, and implement a new facility by up to 80% vs. a Traditional Data Centre (TDC). It is the perfect green alternative”, says  Don Kennedy, Elliptical’s Singapore’s Senior Vice President International Sales, while introducing the products to IndiaTechOnline. “While traditional data centres typically cost $15,000 per KW of IT to build, R.A.S.E.R costs $ 5,000per KW” he adds

“Given the rising security concerns both of data security as well as physical security, companies would prefer to own and operate their data centre. Cost of ownership and time to setup a TDC have so far being impediments. With the Elliptical micro modulura systems it becomes possible”, adds Sharad Srivastava of Grassroots Channels.
Now on a roadshow across Indian metros, the Elliptical solutions are known to  have drawn a lot of interest from small as well as large enterprises as well as government agencies in defence and disaster management.

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SEE our video showing SPEAR's portability feature.