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Work and play your own way.... the Samsung Galaxy S3 mantra
Samsung hits the sweet spot in the tablet business with Galaxy S3

With a canny mix of work and play tools, Samsung  breathes life into the  moribund tablet  format
By Anand Parthasarathy
Bangalore, June 25 2017: In that classic Grimm's fairy tale, the Sleeping  Beauty slumbers  for a hundred years, until a passing prince wakens her. In the world of tablet PCs in India, it has taken just a 100 days for Samsung to deliver the kiss of life to  the tablet format,  which  an analyst told us recently,  was   slowly shrinking in size.
The analyst in question, Cyber Media Research,  also suggested that buyers  demanded large format tablets, with 4G connectivity and detachable keyboards. In launching a new tablet in India last week, Samsung who is currently the market leader in the tablet business here, has  cannily put a uptick mark against all three items on buyers' wish list:  The Galaxy Tab S3  is a 9.7 inch , 4G LTE device with an optional  carry case-cum- plug-in-keyboard.  
Having covered all bases -- user preference wise -- Samsung  has then gone on  hedge its bets:  Market feedback suggests that  corporate users,  rather than  lay consumers,  are   big tablet buyers.  But in putting together the specs for the S3, Samsung suggests cheekily,  that  business buyers  will embrace a device that  mixes   work apps with   some cool play tools. Consider:
The S3 has a quad core Snapdragon chip under its hood  and runs the latest Android  7.0 version with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage expandable to 256 GB via microSD.   A  large 6000 mAh battery  is claimed to be good for some 12 hours of video viewing  --  food for  a long international flight.   The 2048-by-1536 pixel resolution is what is known as QXGA -- somewhere between 2K and 4K.  And with  four , rather than two speakers, the experience  when watching movies -- I picked randomly from YouTube -- is outstanding.  The display  supports HDR or High Dynamic Range,  which ensures a balance between the darkest colors on the screen and the brightest . But  the only HDR content available currently is with an Amazon Prime video subscription. Another nice touch: When you twist the tablet from portrait to  landscape mode to view a video, the speakers go through an auto rotate function to re-orient.
I am not a great fan of using a stylus with touch screens -- but the 'S Pen' that comes free with this tablet made me change my mind: Its tip is the closest I have used,  to an actual felt pen.  Whether you are taking hand written notes or creating art with the  brush palette, the pen  feels as natural as putting pen to paper. Simply hovering the pen over the screen,  opens  a menu  of options which includes translating handwritten text.
A graphics processor works with the CPU to  beef up  games and video. And there is a  'do not disturb' mode that stops interruptions when you are deep in  a game.
Software -wise, Samsung provides three neat folders for  Google, Samsung and Microsoft apps.  Samsung Flow makes for easy syncing of tablet with an Android phone. You can shift files and respond to  phone messages on the tab. This is a single nano SIM device, so  when outside a WiFi  zone , you can use  the SIM  -- or the one on your phone,  to  create your own hot spot. I also liked  Samsung Sound Camp app which has a galaxy ( pun intended!) of music-composing tools.  The inclusion of a  full Microsoft Office suite is  useful for doing some office work.
I tried out the  Pogo keyboard-cum- carrying case and feel this is a crucial part of the Galaxy S 3 functionality -- which is why it is sad that Samsung charges an additional Rs  8499 for it, over and above the basic price of  Rs 47,990.  Maybe they want to advertise a basic price very close to that of the iPad Pro ( 9.7 inch) which it matches in almost every specification.
But comparisons aside, the Galaxy S3   -- for those who can afford it -- is the epitome of how far  down the evolutionary path the Android Tablet has come,  if you want to work-n-play in your own way.  I'm guessing it  will ALTer the  downward slide of the  large TABlet  business. Samsung has hit ALT-TAB.


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